Sunday, November 16, 2008

Epitaph of Man

Insidious maw, twisting and corrupting
All within its dusty reach.
As seconds slither by,
minutes vanish on the fetid breeze
waiting, waiting, waiting

Under huddle of cold comfort
Blankets pile high as futile bulwarks
Against creeping tendrils of frigid air.
Simple barriers of the familiar
Become cloth prisons
a holding cell

Time’s damned visage stares in perpetuity
Boring steadily through the mind,
embedded in the skull.
Sanity lies in oblivion,
The null æther beckons.
“Come hither.” It says,
whispering soft lullabies:
simple nothings
which taste
so sweet.

Cold in body and mind,
Embittered of man’s promises,
I wait for empty sleep
to overtake me
and grant me

For the good of one,
I must deceive another.
For the good of another,
I must betray one.

“Because of man’s lies, so must I lie here.”
So say these words:
An epitaph to man.
His resting place
In a cold, dark world.

And so I sleep,
An eternity in a night.
“And let the world know
that here, man lies forever.”
Good night.