Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pathways Medley

Pathways, pathways

gotta go any-ways

gotta go any place


Gotta go, where to go?

I dunno, here we go

How we go is when we go &


Need to go somewhere

not just anywhere

need to find the path to


I can’t be here

here is nowhere

Nowhere has nothing for


Need to find my place to be

Cannot wait to stop and see

where will my home have


Spin, spin, spin

Gotta keep your wheels spinnin’ baby

Spin, spin, spin

Gotta keep your choices free.

Spin, spin, spin

If you stop your wheels spinnin’ baby

Spin, spin, spin

No more options left to be.

Where is the berth for the wandering heart?

Where can it rightly call home?

Where is the room for the traveling soul,

when the world builds only for two?

When can I stop this curious mind

from peeking around the next bend?

What is the cure for loving too soon

For a man who knows just how it ends?

Why is it so easy to fall for someone

knowing how much it hurts when you land?

Why can’t I just stay put

and stay happy here?

Why must I go out alone?

Who can I hold

when there’s nobody left

because nobody left can hold me?

What is a relationship for someone who has

passion and trust in a friend?

What is the fate of this wandering heart

with no one to wander with it in the end?